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First of all you do NOT have to apply through this site. You can speak with a member in-game, or apply via the in-game application process. If you do wish to apply through here, you'll need to create a Guildwork account.

[Who and what we are]
Cosmic Wheel is built upon the desire to simply enjoy Final Fantasy XIV with friends. We are not concerned with server firsts or completing any content as quickly as possible. Enjoying ourselves and having a good time is the number one priority here. Being with other folks who have a love for the game and who just want to have fun is what we are here for. We have a wide level range of players and I intentionally try to recruit lower level players sometimes to keep things fresh, though end-game is definitely our main focus. As long as your vision of what you want from a free company is the same as ours, we don't care about your level. There are members who will gladly help you with any content, so please don't be afraid to ask any questions or for any help.

Astral Helmsman - The head honcho round these parts. Hopefully someone who can keep things running and from falling apart. Hopefully…
Heliacal Gospel - Officer rank. The real leaders of the FC, without them the Astral Helmsman would probably spontaneously combust.
Red Giant - This special rank is given to members who go beyond the call of duty with helping out the FC and keeping the peace. In between a regular member and an officer, these folks have some extra accessibility and responsibility that regular members do not.
White Dwarf - The notorious "regular member" or "full member." You've passed the test and have been awarded your shiny badge! Welcome to Cosmic Wheel!
Nebula - Disgusting. Look at you… so naked. Put some clothes on and get to work! The initiate rank.

[Application Process]
You can get in touch with us through this site, sending tells in-game, or applying via the in-game application. Typically when a player has been in the FC for around a month, I will talk with members and see who has played with and socialized with you to see if you are a good fit for our free company. If all is well, you'll be promoted to a full member. However, I am not afraid to remove players from the FC. If you never talk to us, never play with us or interact or socialize, you are likely going to be removed. We are not looking for quantity, we are seeking quality.

[Competence and Voice Chat]
We are competent players who are seeking other competent players to progress through content with. We do not condone cheating, botting, or 3rd party programs that make the game (especially raiding, Deadly Boss Mods for example) easier and destroy the integrity of the game. It's also important to mention that voice chat has become vital in fast paced modern MMORPGs, and you should expect to use our Mumble server when doing end-game content with us. If this is an issue for you and it causes too many mishaps, we may be unable to play with you. Again, I am not afraid to remove people from the FC - I want everyone to enjoy the game and to find the right place for themselves.

[Representing Cosmic Wheel]
Many may disagree with this, but we thoroughly believe that when you socialize and interact with players who are outside of the FC, you represent the FC as a whole and others WILL judge us, whether it be positively or negatively. We're not here to fight or make others angry, and diminishing the positive image we wish to uphold will not be tolerated. But we're not here to babysit, either. People shouldn't have to be told how to behave - we're adults here. There are going to be times however when you are playing with outsiders who are simply hard to get along with, and it will be very frustrating. I ask you to agree to just keep your cool and ignore as much negative behavior as possible. Play nice, even if you think they don't deserve it. We want to set an example!

[Free Company Chat]
FC chat can become cluttered sometimes. And sometimes, things can get out of hand. I don't want to have to tell people not to talk about certain things (politics, religion, etc.), but it's a fact that certain topics can really kill the positive vibe we're trying to create here. I'm not going to tell you how to socialize and communicate with your FC mates, but it's obvious when a conversation is heading the wrong way - which means it's time to simply end it. That's really all it takes. Many of us (myself included) are here to get AWAY from real life issues. Though, many of us (myself included) WILL talk about things. Good things. Bad things. Just please be aware that something you say could be offensive to someone else, even if it's not offensive to you. So be ready to end a conversation if it's going downhill.

If you have any questions about anything Cosmic Wheel related, send a tell to any officer:
Promyvion Vahzl
Quadrine Terrace
Dale Martel
Venus Eros

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