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"AFTER SUNDOWN" is an action-packed story of a young woman who uncovers a dark secret. She is plunged into a gory battle with a predatory vampire from the American Old West, who has the power to create undead zombie slaves that assist him on his search for his vampire offspring. With the help of Texas locals, the woman wages the good fight in a wild clash of vampires and zombies, sending the evil creatures straight to Hell!
"AFTER SUNDOWN" is an action-packed story of a young woman who uncovers a dark secret that has been laid dormant for centuries. Before she can even comprehend her discovery, she is plunged into a gory battle with a predatory vampire from the American Old West, who is in search for his vampire offspring that was taken from him so long before. He will stop at nothing and devour all whom try to stand in his way but with each bite he will recruit another undead soldier to serve him… With the help of Texas locals, the woman leads the fight in a wild clash against the vampire and his undead army to regain control of the human race and send the evil creatures straight to Hell!
This is a great movie for the extremely small budget they had. There were a couple of plot holes but I find plot hole in almost every movie I watch, even the big budget ones. Other than the few holes the plot was great. And vampires making zombies was VERY original thinking. And it is hard to be original with something that has been around as long as vampires and zombies The acting is great, except for Mike Brown (Benjamin) He was just not believable in his role. To many pauses when he talked. tone of voice did not really match the expressions on his face. The zombie make up was very good. When the vampire was shooting people They should have bleed. But maybe they could not fit that into the budget.<br/><br/>With a bigger budget this would have been a major block buster film.<br/><br/>And all the complaints I see others making could be fixed with a bigger budget. At least the real complaints and not the BS ones
As Executive Producer/Writer/Director and Editor of After Sundown I can respond best to the many useful comments. First, this is the better version of After Sundown and actually no other version should legally exist. What does exist is an unauthorized illegal version of the movie that the co-director put together with the the D.P. without my knowledge and began to distribute. The co-director did not follow the directions given to him and he was trying to create his own version of the movie and wouldn&#39;t listen to the person who invited him in on this project. Thus having a huge conflict in pacing, acting and all around plot. The co-directors version was the one sent to distributors and was promptly turned down due to lack of horror elements, bad music and a convoluted ending. Second, the original script covered many but not all of the holes in the plot but because of issues on set (i.e. actors moving, locations being lost and budget restraints and a co-director not listening) many, many scenes had to be cut. I know the movie isn&#39;t great but we all have to start somewhere and my version did at least get distribution. As far as fake blood, make-up and zombies… that&#39;s up to the viewer to decide. At least it was real and not CGI effects. And lastly, budget does mean everything - if you&#39;ve ever made a movie then you know that and compromises have to be made in any business and this is a business. If you don&#39;t think it is then try to rent a movie or go to the theater without paying. I do appreciate all the comments… it does help… especially since I&#39;m currently working on my third movie… and if you are wondering, yes I made The Fanglys…&quot;they just keep getting better!&quot;

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